Partnership Opportunities

seToolbelt leans on a wide network of partners who share our vision of building a thriving, connected, supportive social enterprise community. We partner with various organizations in several ways, and offer opportunities for strategic marketing, increased visibility, and access to a broader audience to organizations who have resources to share.

Content Partnerships

While any user can submit content to the resource library, our Content Partners help ensure that we feature the most current, relevant, and high quality resources for social entrepreneurs. Content Partners agree to manage and maintain their own resources, submitted through a quick and easy process. In return, they gain access to our global community of practitioners, promotion on our site and through social media communications, and valuable feedback from users about the resources they submit. We currently have content partnerships with organizations like Enterprising Non-Profits, Social Enterprise Associates, Development Marketplace, and Demonstrating Value, and we are always looking for new Content Partners. Please be in touch if your organization has content to add to the library!

Collaboration Partnerships

We are currently seeking Collaboration Partners to help us build out the next phase of seToolbelt—a virtual collaboration platform to support cross-learning, group problem solving, and collaborative development of new tools that address shared challenges in social enterprise. This platform centers around Practitioner Innovation Communities (PICs), online and offline working groups dedicated to developing issue-specific tools and resources for social enterprise. PIC members engage in collective problem-solving and community-based resource design, working to create new and innovative tools to advance their own practices and the field of social enterprise at large.

seToolbelt supports the collaborative process by facilitating and synthesizing community discussions, coalescing knowledge and experience, providing industry expertise, and helping participants develop technical resources (tools, processes, principles, methodologies, etc.) to address common issues. Our Collaboration Partners participate by nominating and connecting us with PIC members and/or groups, providing resources to support PIC activities, and soliciting targeted PIC projects to meet specific needs of stakeholders, fundees, or clients.

Network Partnerships

Network Partners help seToolbelt gain access to existing networks of social entrepreneurs, funders, intermediaries, and other players in the field to help us build our community of users. Network Partners can assist with marketing efforts by directing existing networks to seToolbelt as a resource, and can also be appropriate leaders of Practitioner Innovation Communities to meet the resource needs of their constituents.

Language Partnerships

Language Partners are critical to seToolbelt’s goal of providing a global platform by supporting the translation of relevant resources, tools, and our user interface into multiple languages.

Funding Partnerships

While seToolbelt is working towards a viable business model in the coming years, we still rely on Funding Partners to support ongoing development and expansion of our services and reach. We strongly feel that supporting knowledge development initiatives such as seToolbelt can offer significant return on investment in terms of increased efficiency and impact of all who access our resources.

Other Services

seToolbelt also provides resource directory management services, providing a co-branded version of seToolbelt’s library in conjunction with advanced, faceted search features. This service is ideal for organizations looking to offer a more comprehensive resource directory to fundees, clients, or other stakeholders. We hope this strategy will help the field move from a disparate collection of one-off resource libraries to a common, searchable repository of quality resources in support of social enterprise.

We also offer tailored services to foundations, networks, and intermediary organizations working to promote social enterprise. seToolbelt can help concept and design collaborative web functionality and user interface for virtual collaboration platforms related to resource development and knowledge management. Open source collaborative approaches are leading the charge in mapping, segmenting, and organizing the social sector. Let seToolbelt leverage our existing platform to meet your project’s needs.

For information about current partnership opportunities or other services, or to receive a rate quote, please contact us.