Futures for Kids

On September 30th, 2002, Geoff Cramer and Bill Ziefle leaned back in frustration as the plane that would take them back to Raleigh took off. They had just completed a day long discussion with senior executives at Apple Computer, where they were seeking Apple’s support for their start-up organization Futures For Kids (F4K). Like most of the potential partners they had approached over the past year, Apple had greeted them with great enthusiasm and applauded the idea. But yet again, they were returning home without a concrete commitment and with many issues to be resolved. When Geoff and Bill had graduated from the Fuqua School of Business in October 2001, their plan to establish Futures For Kids, a nonprofit organization designed to provide high school kids with resources for exploring their post-high school educational, training and career opportunities, had seemed destined to succeed. Almost exactly a year later, success no longer seemed so inevitable.

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