The What and Why of Social Enterpise

The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide 2nd Edition- Chapter 1

This first chapter from The Canadian Social Enterprise Guide 2nd Edition describes:

  • the growth of social enterprise in Canada;
  • how social enterprise is contributing to healthy and sustainable
  • our definition of “social enterprise” and related terms;
  • answers to common questions about social enterprise;
  • reasons why groups decide to start a social enterprise;
  • benefits of starting a social enterprise;
  • the range and types of non-profit social enterprises.

The Social Enterprise Guide was originally published in 2006 and was the first extensive and comprehensive published resource, tool kit, and collection of social enterprise stories in Canada. The revised 2nd Edition of the Guide reflects the learning of Enterprising Non-Profits program and its 10 years of supporting the development and success of social enterprise through technical assistance and resource development.

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Great start to a great guide!


Though written with a lens on Canada, this chapter provides a good overview of social enterprise, its history, benefits, and range, FAQs, and includes case examples. A great place to start if you're new to social enterprise.