True Cost Picture Workbook

From the "Financial Intelligence for Social Enterprise" Series

This Workbook is designed to help you implement some of the concepts covered in Demonstrating Value's Financial Intelligence: A Guide for Social Enterprises. Working through this Workbook will help you clearly see, thus help you to manage, costs that go into pursuing both your financial and mission objectives.

The Workbook is presented as an excel spreadsheet with multiple linked tabs where your financial data is accumulated, adjusted for hidden and social costs, and financial information is generated in a useful format to provide further insight into your financial performance. Walk through the Workbook, step by step, to develop and understand your true cost picture. Detailed instructions and guidance on how to use the information generated can be found under each tab.

It is strongly recommended that you review the Financial Intelligence Guide to better understand the objectives of financial reporting and unique circumstances facing social enterprise before undertaking the Workbook. You will also find an example workbook completed with sample figures below.

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