Making Tractor Markets Work for the Poor in Nigeria

A PrOpCom Case Study

Aware of the unmet, increasing demand for farm mechanisation, PrOpCom (Promoting Pro-Poor Opportunities in Commodity and Service Markets) sought to redress the scarcity of tractors available for land preparation in Nigeria, and in so doing engage with the highly dysfunctional set of processes that characterised tractor procurement, distribution and service provision systems nationwide.

Representing a completely new way of doing business in a sector dominated by unfulfilled government promises and dissatisfied stakeholders, this case study documents not only what PrOpCom did, but why, and, importantly, how they did it.

PrOpCom is funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) to facilitate functionality and efficiency of Nigerian commodity and service markets in such a way as to assure these markets benefit the poor. The programme is mandated by DFID to employ the market development (M4P) approach, which has allowed programme staff the conceptual and operational space to design and implement pro-poor interventions that embed change in local systems, and are crucially owned and led by the market players themselves.

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