Solimar International's Sustainable Tourism Toolkit Sampler

Solimar International's "Sustainable Tourism Toolkit" helps local entrepreneurs – particularly in developing countries - understand and complete the steps of growing small and medium-sized tourism enterprises that not only generate jobs and income but also support biodiversity conservation and cultural preservation in the places they exist. The toolkit focuses on the "nuts and bolts" of running a tourism enterprise, and is currently supporting rural and indigenous social enterprises throughout Africa and Latin America.

These toolkits are designed with a “train the trainers” approach in mind. Although the ultimate beneficiary of these toolkits may be rural community members or entrepreneurs living in or near protected areas, the audience for these toolkits are the individuals and organizations providing the technical support to ensure those communities and entrepreneurs are successful.

These toolkits provide insight into four of the most critical aspects of sustainable tourism development, including:

  • Business Planning
  • Operations & Management
  • Staff Training
  • Sales & Marketing

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