The Constellation Model of Collaborative Social Change

The Constellation Model of Collaborative Governance is a complexity-inspired framework designed to 'hold' collaborations within dynamic systems. Balancing chaos and order, energy and structure, the governance model supports multi-organization partnerships and networks within complex systems. This article, published in 2008, is perhaps the most concise description of the model.

The Constellation Model emerged out of the necessity to support the Canadian Partnership for Children's Health and Environment (CPCHE) - a cross sectoral, multi-organizational partnership of 11 organizations working on toxics issues. CPCHE, through its powerful partnership, dedicated partners and collaborative strategy, was instrumental in getting the Federal Government to ban bisphenol-A in baby bottles making Canada's Chemicals Management policies one of the most child-protective on the planet. It also sparked a market transformation which resulted in the virtual elimination of bisphenol A in food-grade plastics and a fundamental re-think of toxics in plastics in general. See below for a description of the Constellation Model, CPCHE's Governance Model and Management Terms of Reference.

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