Youth Career Development

Social Issue Report and Guide to Giving

Read Root Cause's youth career development social issue report, which includes: an overview of the social issue, an investment recommendation, information on the return on investment, and ways to take further action.

In the United States, youth aged 16-19 face the highest rate of unemployment of all age groups. This problem will only increase with time, as adults with less than a high school diploma face an unemployment rate of 13 percent. For youth to be successful, traditional education needs to be supplemented with further education and transferable work experience. Thus, in addition to lacking the necessary skills for a future job, youth who disengage from school also fail to gain the minimum level of post-secondary training necessary for employment eligibility.

Youth career development is a subfield of workforce development. It serves disengaged youth—young people aged 14-24, who are not actively engaged in education, training, or the workforce. The goal is to help these youth return to school, enroll in post-secondary education or career training programs or start a career. Programs in this field provide skills development, work experiences, and youth development activities.

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