Target Market

Chapter 3 from Managing the Double Bottom Line

This chapter from "Managing the Double Bottom Line" will help you define and understand the target market or customer for your social enterprise. The activities involved are in essence a market study, yielding information about what makes your social enterprise customers tick—their likes, dislikes, buying habits, and tastes.

It is not enough to have a great idea as the basis of your social enterprise; you must also have a market that is sufficiently large, accessible, and responsive to sustain your business. If you can’t reach your market or it isn’t ready for you, your enterprise will fail. The lack of a well-defined target market has been the undoing of numerous social enterprise programs. Many a sustainability plan has hinged on neat calculations of products or services that will be sold to cover program costs, without regard to the needs, wants, or preferences of the customers buying these products. Considering these factors is what is meant by being "demand led."

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