How to Engage Youth in Community Building: An Overview

This overview offers a synopsis of the advantages of involving youth in community building efforts. It provides suggested activities for youth involvement and real-world examples of organized youth volunteer activities in local communities.

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Youth Engagement


In addition, the Internet has facilitated the connection and organization of youths to community projects and we will continue to see social networks as a conduit to mobilizing young people. In my experience, mentorship programs have been most effective when motivating youths to engage with a social initiative. I was a part of a high school Political Action Seminar that gave young people the freedom to find a social mission and develop an action plan for it with support and mentorship of a teacher. The program was effective in inspiring creativity and cultivating passion within these young activist's which then motivated them to tackle social problems facing their local and global community.
The idealism and gall that young people have is paramount to furthering social initiatives. Check out this audio resource to listen to youths that have been engaged in their community: Kids Speak Out About Climate Change