Social Performance Map (all chapters)

From the "Social Performance Map" Series

The purpose of the Social Performance Map (the “Map”) is to guide microfinance stakeholders on their journey toward social transparency and accountability. As such, the Map provides a reasonably comprehensive summary of the social performance landscape both inside and outside of the microfinance sector, including summary information on existing knowledge, experience, initiatives, and tools.

The content of the Map is intended to equip industry stakeholders with useful information that will allow them to sort through and understand the important issues and make informed decisions related to social performance. The Map is targeted to lay audiences and is appropriate for persons with any level of interest in social performance.

This full version of the Map contains the following chapters, each of which are also listed separately as a different resource on seToolbelt for easier access:

  • Chapter 1. Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Chapter 2. Business Case for CSR
  • Chapter 3. Socially Responsible Investing
  • Chapter 4. Microfinance and the Environment
  • Chapter 5. Social Performance Management
  • Chapter 6. Social Auditing
  • Chapter 7. Social Rating
  • Chapter 8. Common Assessment Framework
  • Chapter 9. Consumer Guide to Tools
  • Chapter 10. Poverty Assessment Tools
  • Chapter 11. Common Indicators
  • Chapter 12. Social Performance in Multi sector Development Organizations
  • Chapter 13. Standards and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Chapter 14. Organizational Governance
  • Chapter 15. Internet Resources
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